• Psylocke Cosplay

    Sausy Psylocke Cosplay  A very sausy collection of Psylocke Cosplay Source: Stella Chuu

  • Female Avengers

    If Women Ruled The World Series After searching for some material for this weeks cosplay I came across something different. I think something even better....

  • Cosplay Of The Week

    Here’s some great cosplay photos of Batman villains Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. The photos were taken by Jonathan Duran and the cosplay model for...

  • The Rocketeer Cosplay

    Rocketeer by: Utinni Rocketeer by: Riddle Rocketeer by: Mrpinski Rocketeer by: Utinni Rocketeer by: Jim Griffioen Rocketeer by: Mrpinski Rocketeer by: Jim Griffioen Rocketeer by: Utinni Rocketeer by: Jim Griffioen Rocketeer by: Utinni

  • Rogue Cosplay Of The Week

    We decided to make a new thing here on FizX. Every week we will present to you one of the best super heroines there is....

  • Sexy Velma Cosplay

    This is a really sexy cosplay of the character Velma from the notorious show Scooby Doo, This Velma cosplay is on the whole new level...

  • Captain America for adults

    Most sexy Captain America so far ! If you got your own of cosplay’s we love to see it . Submit to us Cheers