Dragon Con 2013

If there's one thing you can always count on at Dragon Con, it's seeing some of the most enthusiastic cosplaying around. Thousands of fans descended...

Cosplay From Atlanta

I didn't even know Anime Weekend Atlanta was a thing until we got the mail from Beat Down Boogie team, and now I'm glad,...

Best of Female Captain America Cosplay

 Cosplayer HinoSherloki Some of the best female versions of Captain America is here, Well we can't say that we are not tempted to see anyone of...

Ultimate Iron Man Cosplay

Ultimate Iron Man appeared in a handful of Marvel titles, appropriately named Ultimates. In that universe, Tony Stark is the usual business tycoon and...

Lady Deadpool

This is far from the first time I’ve seen Deadpool crossplayed, but normally you’ll just have a full bodysuit hugging a female form instead...

BLACK WIDOW Cosplay by Callie Cosplay

This is one Cosplay which is better then the original! Make sure to go to her official website to check out more of her cosplays.

Marvel Comics 2013

Here is a fantastic collection of Marvel Cosplay! Do check their video below and for more visit their FB site!

Elektra Cosplay

Brilliant Elektra cosplay by Eve Beauregard is Elektra | Photo by WhatABigCamera | Via Women of Comicbook Cosplay

Aquawoman Cosplay

Sausy Aquawoman cosplay comes from DeviantArt user tenleid. Well this changed your mind about the Aquaman doesn't it ? Now you wan't to see some sexy...

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