Cats Second Trailer Reveals More Glorious Sights


The new Cats got it all, brilliant cast and a lot of laughter – and if you think the first trailer was some kind of digital fur-enhanced fever dream or a really bad dream, this second hit shows that it wasn’t some mass delusion. This December, in over a month, whether you’re ready for it or not, Cats is coming to theaters near you.

There are some erratic things going on here – not least some evidence of the plot if they have one, focuses around the titular felines working out who gets to ‘ascend to the Heaviside layer’ and be reborn. Idris Elba’s Macavity, wanted for a royal sum of £100 presumably by some kind of cat-police, is going around making people mad – and at one point explodes into gold dust. Francesca Hayward’s central Victoria is the optimist in all this, Derulo’s Rum Tum Tugger is all hyped up at the milk bar, and Judi Dench’s Old Deuteronomy is rolling around on teeny-tiny cat feet. And did we tell you about the cat jokes and cat puns? Does that mean the cats of Cats are aware that they’re cats, and also of human sayings involving cats?

Cats will hit theaters on 20 December.


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