Did Cavemen Use Gadgets?

Did Cavemen Use Gadgets

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Did cavemen use gadgets? Yes! While they may not have had access to the smartphones and tablet computers of today, they used technology that was breaking edge for their time period. We’re going to take a look at some of the specific “gadgets” that they used to make their life easier. The big thing to remember is that without all the ancient advances in technology, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Gadgets Cavemen Used

Here’s a look at some of the specific tools and gadgets that cavemen likely used to make their lives easier.

  • Sticks – Found in abundance all over the world, sticks, twigs and logs were probably one of the very first materials used to make gadgets. And the first one invented was probably the club and then the spear. Both of these suddenly made it easier for cavemen to take down large animals so they could eat.

  • Rocks – Another type of gadget that cavemen used was related to rocks most likely. For example, someone wandering around figured out that if they hit two certain types of stones together (flint) they made sparks which could turn into fire. Flint that could start fires was probably one of the very first gadgets developed. Once it was realized that rocks could be useful, others probably thought about other ways to use them to make life easier.

  • Clothing – While cavemen were probably still very hairy, they had to deal with cold weather. At some point someone figured out that the skin of an animal – especially one with fur – could keep the body worn. After trials and testing, the first cloak was developed. This doesn’t seem like a gadget today because we take it for granted, but clothing was a very important gadget that cavemen used to survive and thrive across the planet.

  • Shoes – Speaking of clothing, you can’t forget shoes. The very first shoes were probably nothing more than furs wrapped around the feet, but over the years the technology developed to includes strings to hold it together and more. This is actually an interesting gadget to investigate because they’ve come so far over the years. Imagine what the cavemen would’ve thought about a modern pair of shoes with velcro or a set of leather cowboy boots.

It took a very long time to go from the gadgets listed above to where we are today, but if you look closely you’ll see that it’s all connected in one way or another. While technology took a long time to advance – thousands of years – in the last couple hundred years it has expanded quite a bit, accelerating at an astounding rate. Cavemen used basic gadgets, but they would be blown away by all that’s available today if one was found frozen and thawed so they could experience the modern world. Wait, wasn’t that a movie with Pauly Shore?

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