Celebrities Who Have Battled with Eating Disorders

Russell Brand

Celebrities are surrounded by glitz, glam, fame, and fortune. On the outside, their lives seem to be filled with privilege and fun, but the lifestyle doesn’t grant immunity from everything. The pressure to keep up appearances and the constant scrutiny of the media have led many celebrities to deal with the pressure through eating disorders. Here are a few celebs who have struggled with this delicate issue.

Mary Kate Olson

This famous twin suffered from severe anorexia and ultimately checked herself into rehab after coaxing from her family and friends. Besides the extreme weight loss, Olson also suffered thinning of hair, dark circles under her eyes and extreme skin pallor which was immediately detected and spread by the media. Today, Olson is healthy and, due to seeking treatment, is well.

Nicole Richie

Richie’s battle with anorexia was extremely public. Pictures of a bony and emaciated Richie in a bikini on the beach scoured the online and print media and sparked the beginning of a very long and public battle for the young reality star. Richie also sought treatment and today has a thriving marriage and two healthy children.

Russell Brand

This Hollywood bad boy and comedian has struggled with bulimia since the age of 11. At an early age, he learned to suppress and hide his habit but it has resurfaced in his later years. Brand suffers from other issues like substance abuse, but the bulimia tends to accompany these episodes and he struggles with it even today.

Paula Abdul

This gorgeous American Idol host, singer, and former cheerleader battled with bulimia for over 17 years. Abdul has been known to say she had a tainted body image from an early age and used the bulimia as a form of punishment. Today, she is healthy and happy and has put the disorder behind her. She sought treatment for the habit and has attributed her health to that decision.

For celebrities, admitting to a disorder or seeking appropriate treatment can be a very challenging process. Celebs are constantly in the public eye and taking such a brave step is sure to be advertised. Likewise, it is a brave thing for anybody—whether or not they are famous—to seek help. If you know someone who is currently deal with these issues, let them know about those (like the above celebrities) who have gone through it too and have conquered their disorders. Also, don’t be afraid to help them get the help that they need. There are many fantastic inpatient treatment centers, like the Center for Change, that specialize in treating eating disorders in both teenagers and adults.

Overall, it’s important to emphasize again that eating disorders can impact anyone. There is no shame embracing your disorder and seeking help. You’re not alone in your struggle so surround yourself with positive influences and needing help. There is hope!

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