Celebrities, Financing, and Their Impressive Real Estate Portfolios

One of the joys of being a celebrity (we imagine) is having an endless supply of luxury properties to holiday in, live in, and otherwise enjoy. But how do they go about it and which celebrities are particularly known for their expansive real estate portfolios?

How do they do it?

Many of the world’s hyper-luxury, big-ticket properties never officially go on the market. This means you are unlikely to find them advertised online or in your local paper. Rather, their details are circulated by those in the know, particularly those that work exclusively with VIP clients.
Estate agents or fixers working with these individuals will also seek certain properties privately, often not revealing the client’s identity until the last moment. Regarding financing, celebrities often work in different ways as well. Rather than putting all their liquidity into a property, they will seek financing and then pay it off over a short period. Non-celebrities tend to take mortgages as they cannot finance a purchase outright, whereas celebrities do it to keep leverage and invest their own money elsewhere.

In terms of seeking mortgages, you are unlikely to see Beyonce or Kim at your local mortgage brokerage. While many VIPs have direct lines of communication with their banks, we mere mortals are increasingly turning to the online world. Online mortgage advisers like Trussle are becoming more popular as clients place more trust in them. They significantly simplify the process by bringing together deals from multiple lenders that could interest or be suitable for the client. It also makes shopping for a mortgage more manageable around day-to-day life or writing that future Grammy award-winning album.

Leonardo di Caprio mansion

Leonardo di Caprio

Hollywood actor Leonardo di Caprio owns an impressive property portfolio, including an eco-resort on an island near Belize, so says the New York Times. While he is private in his own life, we do have some details about his investments. Since he first came to fame in the mid-90s, he has invested in over 15 properties, including some in New York, Malibu, and Palm Springs. Rather than selling them, he has invested in them and rents them out to create another source of income.

Kylie Jenner mansion

Kylie Jenner

Billionaire Kylie Jenner is known for her makeup line and is the sister of Kim Kardashian, but she is also a shrewd real estate investor. In 2021 alone, she snapped up a $36 million house in Holmby Hills and a $15 million empty plot in Hidden Hills. She also owns other plots of land in Coachella valley and another in Hidden hills with plans to build a whopping 18,000 square foot property with room for 12 cars in its garage.

Brad Pitt mansion

Brad Pitt

Some estimate that Brad Pitt has a property portfolio of over $100 million. The A-list ex of filmstar Angelina Jolie has long voiced his affinity for architecture, so it is no surprise he invests heavily in it, according to Architecture Digest. Since he became famous, Pitt has owned properties in Ozarks, France, New York City, Mallorca, and even New Orleans. His French property, Chateau Miraval, cost a cool $60 million and includes a winery that produces a particularly well-known brand of rose wine.

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