Celebrities Painted As Russian Generals

Bill Murray – Artwork by STEVE PAYNE @ Replaceface

The digital work is impressive, as Payne’s work achieves the same look and feel as the classic portraits with a face you can recognize. Below is a small collection of Steve’s work. For dozens more, be sure to visit: replaceface.tumblr.com

2. Patrick Stewart


3. Clint Eastwood


4. Morgan Freeman


5. Russell Crowe


6. George W Bush


7. Mark Zuckerberg


8. Al Pacino


9. Charlie Sheen


10. Sean Connery

11. Stephen Fry


12. Arnold Schwarzenegger


13. Gordon Ramsay


14. William Shatner


15. Simon Cowell

Artwork by STEVE PAYNE @ Replaceface

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