Celebrities Who Sold Their Souls For A Paycheck


Celebrity endorsements are not a new happening, it is around for decades — in fact, they’ve been around as long as celebrities have. People in power figured out long ago that putting a familiar face on a product or service will get results and improve sales, though sometimes it can have the opposite effect on a celebrity, by putting his face on their products. Rat Pack crooner Sammy Davis, Jr became a laughing stock back in the 1970s when he appeared in a campaign for Alka-Seltzer: But Sammy’s far from being the last celeb to sell out for the sake of a quick buck. Nobody blames a newcomer for using a big brand to widen their audience and make his face recognizable. But when Hollywood A-listers and music legends start to pop up in commercials for ice cream and underwear and all sort of unusual and low budget commercials, it becomes quite clear that they don’t have deep pockets.

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