Celebrities Who Lost or Gained the Most Weight

Movie stars–they’re just like all of us! Except they get paid millions of dollars and sometimes decide to starve themselves for months just so they will look the part. But who among us hasn’t been in that exact situation, am I right, people? People?

In the infographic below,we take a look at the actors and actresses who lost and/or gained the most weight for movie roles. Some stars have gained pounds and pounds of fat in an effort to earn an Oscar. Others have starved themselves to unhealthy levels just to give the best possible performance. From Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis shedding a significant percentage of their body weight for Black Swan to Jared Leto getting super fat for a movie no one ever saw, we’ve search and found the most dramatic transformations.


Monolith’s Celebrities Who Lost or Gained the Most Weight For Movie Roles (INFOGRAPHIC)

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