Change Your PlayStation 4 Region U.S In Simple Steps


PlayStation 4 is an amazing gaming console, you’ll find almost everything you’re looking for in a modern console, but one problem users are complaining is that Sony is giving priorities to some regions. When you take the U.S region as an example, they enjoy games at discounts than other regions, some games will not even stream if you’re not from the specified regions and hence users are looking for ways to change the regions in PS4 so that they can enjoy full benefits of the console. This article is for those that want to change their PlayStation 4 region to unlock more features in their gaming console.


Create A New Account

You need to understand that you’ll not be able to change your region once setup for your PlayStation, but you can change and connect another account and then make it your primary account. This way you’re able to create a new account and connect it to your console, your remaining credit can’t be transferred to another account, it’s important to use all your left credit before moving to another PSN account.

Here are the steps for creating PS4 account with the U.S as the region even if you don’t live in the U.S;

  • Visit the official Sony website, and head over to the account creation link which can be seen at the top of your pc screen.
  • Fill in the details, since you’re opening an account in a different region all the details you’ve entered previously for your old account should not be used again, you can, however, use the same name, but If you attempt to use the same email address, you’ll be notified that an account exists with that email. You should use another email, you can get disposable emails and they’ll work most of the time. Even popular free email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo will allow you to create multiple emails without facing any problem.
  • Next, you’ll be prompted to enter the date of birth and then select a password for the new account you want to create.
  • The next step will give you the option to choose the region and this is where you can add the U.S as your region. Note that if you select a Non-English speaking region, the language will also change to that region. But you can use Google to translate back to English if that’s the case.
  • Once you’re done, you should click submit and You’ll receive an email that needs to be verified, there will be a confirmation link inside, once you click on the link, your PSN account is now verified.
  • After creating the account from your PC or any device, you have to go back and add that account to your PS4 console, go to your console menu, and select to login and enter the details of your account.
  • Once you’re logged in, you’ll be asked to connect social accounts like Facebook, the reason is that they’ll import some of your data such as profile pictures and photos. You don’t need to connect any account, just skip this step if you want to upload your own avatar and other stuff, but connecting social accounts will save you some time. You know that the information added or imported will be visible by the public unless you change that from account settings, you can decide the people that can view your PSN profile such as Friends or Friends of your friends. This is applicable when you’re participating in multiplayer games.
  • And finally, don’t forget to set this account as your primary account from the menu.


How To Order From PSN If You’re Not From The U.S

Just changing your region isn’t enough because you’ll have to be making payments and you need a credit card issued in the U.S or PayPal with U.S address. The first method involves buying a credit card with U.S billing address, there are a lot of services out there that are offering virtual credit cards with any address on them. This can be tedious for some people and that’s why the best method is to use PSN cards.

Getting PSN cards isn’t hard, but even for the PSN cards, you cannot buy them without credit cards with American billing address and hence you’ll have to order from third-party sellers. There are a lot of vendors out there that will buy the PSN cards with their U.S cards and sell to anyone that’s interested and will accept your payment method.

The best way to shop from the PlayStation store is to grab these PSN cards and then redeem in your PSN account which you’ve registered with U.S address. PSN cards are available in smaller and higher units like $10 PSN cards, $20 PSN cards, $50 PSN cards or $100 PSN cards. Once you have the codes or pin on the card, you can easily redeem in your new PSN account and order whatever you want.

PSN Cards is a very popular product in countries like the Philippines, Bahamas, Qatar, Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bermuda, United Kingdom, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Serbia, Aruba, Peru, Germany & Kuwait.

That’s it, you can now enjoy all the benefits a U.S resident can enjoy from the PlayStation Store. Share your thoughts in the comments below on how things work out for you.

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