Chaos Reign in Tokyo Over PS5 Sales

Tokyo PS5 Sales

The PlayStation 5 released last November, but months after the release, it’s still hard to get one, especially if you are in Japan. Early today, the Yodobashi Camera electrics megastore in Akihabara, one of the largest in the country, sold a tremendous shipment of PS5. And chaos reign in the capital.

People started pushing around, descending on a Yodobashi clerk who had a pile of 300 numbered tickets to buy the PS5.

And you should keep in mind that the Japanese government has declared a state of emergency for now because of the novel coronavirus. Tokyo has the greatest number of cases in Japan.

Check out the chaos:

Why all the pushing and chaos? As Twitter’s AJapaneseDream said, the Akihabara area is apparently only one of two Yodobashi Cameras in the greater Tokyo-Yokohama area that does not want the retailer’s black credit card to buy the hardware—a condition that was established, it seems, to thwart resellers.

In the past, the store gave out numbered tickets first-come, first served. In the past, also in an attempt to control console flipping, the retailer would give away lottery numbers for the opportunity to buy the hardware.

This produced a perfect chance for those who wanted to get a PS5 for personal use or even to resell the console.


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