All Characters Gone Badass In This Art Feature

Everything went south in this disturbing art feature, All our lovable characters threw their innocence and embraced the animal urges within them and the out come is insanely gruesome. I just loved how Winnie The Poor went berserk in his art piece.

You can visit the Tohad’s deviantart page for a lot more.

badass cartoons

She is blonde, very shallow, only wear candy pink clothes and passion for kitsch, no it’s not Paris Hilton but Princess Peach.

Now big fan of Game of Thrones, Peach decided to regain her kingdom by starting put in irons little Toad and trying to poison Mario Bros, she suspected of conspiring against her. When Bowser and his army, they will soon have to face the new chemical weaponconcocted by the mushroom Princess herself: the giant mycosis!

tin tin badass cartoons

They don’t care about the mess they foreign in anothers countries and organize many complicated plans, it is not the CIA, but Tintin and Captain Haddock.

Despite his small size and puff, Tintin is not the kind of boyscout to take a joke, not a single of his adventure is done without a truncheon on his little head of a young Belgian.

badass cartoons

She is blonde, whimsical and many psychiatrists have studied his case, no it is not Courtney Love, but Alice in Wonderland.

Yet the strange behavior of Alice does not come from any psychiatric problem, but from the contents of uncle Jojo’s garden. Every summer, Alice spent her days in the garden containing any type of colorful plants and muschroom and she discoveredthe world of psychotropic drugs. A magical worldwhere cats glow in the dark, where fingers grows on your head, where is honest politicians, a world where Miley Cyrus wears clothes and where knowledge and wealth are shared. What a world of illusion!

Barbie badass cartoons

For this fifth fanart badass, it is the turn of the outermost plastic dolls go to mixer. Not Paris Hilton but Barbie!

After more than 60 years to condone infidelity Ken with the young gardener or bearded factor, it was time for Barbie to take revenge and cease to embody the stereotype of the feminine ideal fantasy. Barbie has decided to join the Femens to go kick ass theAction Man Vladimir Putin with his side.

Winnie The Poooh badass cartoons

Winnie the Pooh inaugurates a new series of fanarts. I decided to mutate the cute characters from our childhood to make them a little more badass to expand their audience. I hope Disney thank me otherwise by sending me a horde of lawyers to beat meshots briefcases and criminal code.

I have a list of patients to be mutated in the same way as the teletubbies or Denver the last dinosaur, but if you look at other iconic characters to mix with my graphics tablet, I’m interested!

Mario Bros badass cartoons

Mario & Luigi spend their time walking on turtles and breaking bricks to impress Princess Peach.

Yet these two mutts Mario and Luigi should understand that after more than 30 years doing somersaults everywhere, a princess is not interested by plumbers with mustaches. Although the plumber occupation is an activity incidental to the manycommunity sports for the brothers to hats: Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Smash Football, Mario Curling and so on. It only needs hopscotch and the Mikado to complete all the competitions performed by Mario. I would not be surprised to see themtested positive for doping and anabolic.


He shakes his head constantly and has a funny car designed specially for him, no it is not the Pope, but Noddy!

Puppet lurking, so be careful childrens, if shaking your gift you hear a jingle bell, take your package directly into the fireplace!

bad ass ronald mcdonald

badass cartoons

He reverses everything in his path, no it is not Kim Jong-Un, but Babar the elephant.

King of the elephants, big deal to be the monarch of a species in extinction ! Desperate by the gradual extinction of his people, Babar drinks like a fish to forget that he weighs more than seven tons, which caused problems when Babar wanted to take the escalator to the subway. Conclusion: eight dead and a poodle still stuck under his feet.

Buss Lightyear badass cartoons

“Convinced to be a hero when he is only a manipulable toy”, this is not the classical description of candidates from reality TV but Buzz Lightyear!
After ten years of therapy with his ​​psychiatrist, Buzz finally admitted his identity articulated plastic figurine. But despite the many anti-depressants he swallows, his trauma haunt his nightmares and it causes seizures sometimes causing the murders of his friends from toy box.

King Kong badass cartoons

He is a bit stupid, he cries and gets upset over nothing, no it is not your concierge but Donkey Kong.

Accompanied by his faithful Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong make rules his jungle. Rodeo rhino stolen, fight with crocodiles from the nearby Aztec city, traffic bananas in stairwells and kidnapping of koalas, everyday is worthy of the most dangerous gangs on the west coast.

But although Donkey can proclaim himself king of apes, he still has a grudge to settle to a certain Italian plumber who would swoop him stopping his girlfriend of the time there it has more than 30 years.

Duck Tales badass cartoons

Who is a billionaire, does not wear pants and harassed by his nephews? No it is not Donald Trump but Uncle Scrooge!

With its generic particularly catchy, DuckTales was one of the best cartoon of the late 80s.

But since the subprime crisis and the adventures of Bernard Madoff, Scrooge finds himself now as helpless as his nephew Donald unemployed for more than twenty years.
Determined to help their uncle, Huey Dewey and Louie were equipped with mercenaries from Eastern countries to have the right equipment to embark on the adventure of unbridled capitalism.

Bambi badass cartoons

Cute when he was little and growing unbearable, no it is not your incontinent labrador but Bambi.

Bambi grown up, but yet little matured and always tries to play with his friends in the forest forgetting skewers that have grown on his skull. Now is the right time for him to avenge the responsible for the loss of his mother. A hunter will soon be eligible for avery special acupuncture session… To be honest he needs therapy.

ALF badass cartoons

He’s unbearable, does everything to get noticed and tells pathetic jokes, no it is not Shia Labeouf but Alf the alien!

Alf was the hero of a TV show in 80s based registered deafening laughter and actors pretending to enjoy. Despite a hundred episodes, the fury alien was quickly sent to the dustbin of studio productions. We can now cross Alf host sausage stand in supermarkets.

With his design chewbacca mixed with a butter croissant, Alf is perfect chalenger for the contest of the ugliest creature of all the audiovisual landscape.


She has a bowl cut and a rasping voice, no it is not Mireille Mathieu but Dora the Explorer!

Accompanied by Boots, her perverse monkey, Dora finished exploring uncharted territory of her vegetable garden and now wanders in far more dangerous places: New York. After battling rush hour subway and shopping malls, Dora has plans to move to climb the Statue of Liberty. But for that it will take first exit the police station where she is in custody for possession of a weapon bow and many indecent assault of her monkey.
TeleTubbies badass cartoons

If I said the words “United Kingdom”, “big ears” and “kitsch”, you tell me … ?

Not Prince Charles but Teletubbies. For this second illustration from my new series of fanarts badass, I was eager to drawn this vile siblings colorful gnomes waving on a golf ground for a TV show in the late 90s.

Fortunately for our dears littles darlings full of lices that Teletubbies are now incarcerated at Fukushima.


She can do whatever she wants with her hair, this is not Lady Gaga but Rapunzel!

Have beautiful long blond hair is the conformist dream of many little girls, but a nightmare for the Rapunzel’s hairdresser who found  in her hair ecosystem including new forms of parasitic lives. After an extensive review of the princess long hair, because of its outstanding capillary was found: Rapunzel eat a daily bowl of fertilizer with her orange juice.

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