Artist Nicolas Delort has created a beautiful illustration inspired by A Charlie Brown Christmas. Christmas is fast approaching and this piece just reminded me about Christmas and what’s lay ahead. This piece some what looks sad to me. What you think?

Words from the artist:

“I wanted to do Great Pumpkin and this one as a diptych of sorts right from the start and as soon as the Great Pumpkin sketch was approved, I had the idea for Charlie BrownChristmas.

“Both share the “boy and his faith” theme but while Great Pumpkin is all about Linus’ optimism and hope, CharlieBrown Christmas is more about Charlie’s disappointment and resentment towards what the holiday has become…so I thought it’d be interested to make two illustrations that would work next to one another.

“The challenge on this one was that the image was to be more “luminous” (for lack of a better word) than Great Pumpkin and my style is usually pretty dark, so I had the idea to set the scene in the tree selling place and surround Charlie with garish electric lights.”

Your Comments / What Do You Think ?

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