Check Out Actual iPhone 8 Dummy Model!

iPhone 8

It is not a drill! We have actual photos of the iPhone 8 and it is a throwback to the first iPhone.

We have entered the next stage of the iPhone 8 rumors. Instead of concepts, diagrams and design leaks, now we have an actual device photos. Well, almost.

Prolific leaker Benjamin Geskin has posted images of a purported “dummy” iPhone 8 which means it looks pretty much the same as the final device, but it’s just an empty shell, and there is nothing inside it.

The device can be seen from all angles, and it does adhere to most of the rumors we’ve heard about the next iPhone: Two uninterrupted panes of glass with a stainless steel frame in between. There’s a vertically-oriented rear camera on the back, and the fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be seen, implying that it’s located on the front, under the glass.

The glass on the front appears to be completely flat and flush with the steel frame; on the back, it’s slightly curved, which makes the entire device highly reminiscent of the original iPhone.

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