Check Out Awesome New Batman and Joker Mashup Action Figure

Batman and Joker Mashup Action Figure

Square Enix has released a series of photos showing off their latest action figure in their Play Arts Kai Batman: Rogues Gallery series. It’s an insanely wicked combination of The Joker and Batman and it’s called the DC Variant Rogues Gallery Joker Batman Figure.

Square Enix is doing some incredibly cool things with the action figures they produce. They are being inventive and seem to be having a lot of fun creating these figures. Here’s the official description of the Batman Joker figure:

The DC Comics Variant Play Arts KAI line announces its latest collection: the BATMAN™: Rogues Gallery series! This mashup of Batman’s classic silhouette with the beloved villains of his Rogues Gallery results in a never-before-seen design collaboration – East meets West, Good meets Evil.

The Joker, Batman’s greatest and most evil villain, enters the Rogues Gallery series!

A tattered straitjacket is erratically adorned with dynamite, a flower, cans of pepper spray, and an alarm clock. Combined with his playing cards and a pistol with a flag as interchangeable parts, this ensemble shows the character’s madness, oozing from within.

The pale skin and bloodshot eyes accentuate his eerie quality, while his trademark purple and green lend dark shadows to his coloring. The bat mark roughly painted on his chest can almost be construed as a laughing mouth. It seems to make a mockery of Batman, offering a glimpse into how The Joker’s twisted mind ticks.

It’s priced at $199.99. It’s scheduled for release in March 2017.

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