Check Out How Big Is The Map Of Just Cause 3 – Video

Just Cause 3

Check out the humongous map Just Cause 3, it is the largest map for any game so far. The open-world map is 400-square mile.

Just Cause 3 takes place on the island of Medici. This new video from PlayStation Access takes players on a virtual helicopter ride from one end of the map to the other.

Just Cause 3‘s world size is not necessarily larger than Just Cause 2’s, though it’s supposed to feel more “dense.”

Avalanche recently confirmed that it explored a multiplayer mode for the game, but ultimately decided to keep it a single-player-only experience…for now. In addition, the developer has confirmed that the PS4 edition runs at 1080p while the Xbox One version runs at 900p. You can alsowatch this new 4K gameplay video that shows the game with “all settings turned to overkill.”

The Just Cause 3 release date is set for December 1 across PC,PS4, and Xbox One.

You can also watch this video to see the game’s first hour of gameplay.

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