Check Out The Cool Easter Egg Inside Xbox One X

Xbox One X

Hidden inside the hardware of the special Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X is a graving of Master Chief. Riding a scorpion.

YouTube channel Unocero rip open the new Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition console earlier this week, checking out each component of the powerful predecessor to the Xbox One. While doing so, they pointed out this engraving on the motherboard, which you can see above.

That would be the hero of the Halo series, Master Chief, sitting on top of a large scorpion as if it was a horse.

Master Chief is the most recognizable and beloved video game character exclusive to Xbox systems, and the scorpion upon which he is riding is a reference to the codename for the Xbox One X: Scorpio.

If you luckily get an Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, just be careful if you want to rip apart your console to see the easter egg. I don’t recommend it.

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