Check Out The Up To Date Trailer For The 1997 STARSHIP TROOPERS

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It’s been 20 years since Starship Troopers released into the theaters and I can’t believe it been this long? It’s crazy, and it makes me feel so damn old! Tim Gonzales put together a modernized trailer for the film to celebrate its 20th anniversary and he did a great job!  video comes with the following note.

“I was 11 when I saw first saw it in theaters, and I remember it being one of the most visceral experiences I’ve ever been exposed to at that point, with all the gory violence and casual nudity. My parents were cool with it; they had let me watch movies like Predator and Aliens prior to seeing Paul Verhoeven’s take on war with an alien species.

“Looking back, the political satire throughout Starship Troopers was completely lost on me as a kid, and I instead just took it in as a grandiose sci-fi war epic. For this modern trailer, I tried my best to capture that initial impression I had of the film, and chose to not focus on its sociopolitical commentary. Fans of the film, I hope you enjoy this! And if you haven’t seen the film, maybe this trailer might entice you seek it out? Either way, thanks for watching!”

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