Check Out Google’s Hidden Games

Google's Hidden Games

Most of us will admit that from time to time we waste a little time in the office. Some of us browse the sports results or read the latest news, some of us start planning our next holiday and some of us just like to use social media to gossip! Yet are you aware that there are hidden games in Google products that can change whiling away office time in the same way they’ve changed search.

These hidden Easter Eggs include some of the most addictive games you may already know along with some other addictive games that have been designed to let you kill a little spare time and if you’re not very careful kill your productivity.


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The infographic below shows you how to find such hidden treasures including Atari Breakout and, for those who prefer old-school gaming, Pac-Man. Did you know that there’s an incredibly difficult Flappy Droid game concealed in your Android mobile or a straightforward, yet addictive platform game you can play off-line in Chrome? We’ve also included some great games you can find hidden in Google Maps and Google Earth.

We hope you enjoy discovering these hidden gems and don’t find yourself losing too much office time playing them!

by Euroffice.

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