Check Out This Insane Anime “Dominator” Replica Gun

Anime “Dominator” Replica Gun

Check out this insanely cool looking cyberpunk crime anime Psycho-Pass replica gun and it is called the “Dominator.” This is one gun with a very matching name to it’s looks. The gun has been recreated at a one-to-one scale replica, Not only does it transform between the “Paralyzer” and “Eliminator” modes, but it also features 217 RGB LEDs, built-in speakers that play sound effects including 100 quotes from Noriko Hidaka, the actress who voices the gun in the show, it also has a small camera that offers real-time streaming capabilities to a smartphone as well as touch sensors on the grip that enable you to lock the gun. How futuristic is that! this is one bad ass gun and I would love to order one if it wasn’t that expensive but it is a cool party piece.

The replica also comes in a special edition model that has a rosewood grip and a Public Safety Bureau insignia. The standard model will be available for pre-order in Japan on February 18th for roughly $700. If you’re interested in the special edition it will cost you $784. For those of us who live outside of Japan, don’t worry, gun will be made available outside of Japan soon.

Anime “Dominator” Replica Gun Anime “Dominator” Replica Gun Anime “Dominator” Replica Gun

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