Check Out 12 Videos Of People Destroying Their iPhones

In honor of 10 years of iPhones, please enjoy these wild YouTubers destroying many different models of the smartphone using these different and brutal methods.

Ultimate iPhone destruction is a stupid and reckless YouTube trope, but this method works and people love to watch such videos — the combined views on the videos assembled here total well over 123.6 million.

Check out some of the most famous iPhone destruction videos below.

1. Water

2. A microwave

3. A blender

4. Boiled soda

5. Boiled crayons

6. An industrial shredder

7. Liquid nitrogen

8. A waterjet cutter

9. More than 10,000 matches

10. A red-hot ball of nickel

11. Set on fire and dropped 100 feet into a kiddie pool

12. Actual lava


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