Check Out All the Easter Eggs in AQUAMAN and James Wan Breaks Down Some Fight Sequences


Audiences were quite pleased with director James Wan’s Aquaman. Despite the movie faults, I loved watching the movie, it was simply incredible! The movie was a lot of fun and visually striking. It’s surely the kind of film that is expected to be seen on the big screen.

If you’re a fan of the movie, check out the videos below you will absolutely love it. The first comes from Mr. Sunday Movies and focuses on pointing out and explaining all of the Easter eggs that the movie has. There’s a good possibility that many of you may have missed.

This second video is created by The New York Times, and in the video director James Wan discusses how they performed the action scene where Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) fights his half-brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson), who wants to become Ocean Master.

The third video comes from Vanity Fair, and it stars the filmmaker explaining the big action sequence where Black Manta and a team from Orm’s army are pursuing Arthur and Mera (Amber Heard) across the rooftops in Italy. This was surely one of the more impressive action-packed scenes of the movie.


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