Check Out Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge Vinyl Wraps

Han Solo in Carbonite

If you want Han Solo trapped in carbonite wants to be around your home all the time, you can now buy a Star Wars-themed fridge and door vinyl wrap.

This “Han Solo in Carbonite” FridgeWrap measures 25.35 inches x 70.2 inches (65 cm wide by 180 cm.) The DoorWrap measures 80 cm x 200 cm (approx. 31 x 79 inches)! You can also buy the wraps for gaming consoles, laptops, and more!

Made from long-lasting outdoor sign vinyl. Our scratch-resistant matte laminate creates a stunning finish to your FridgeWrap and protects it from water, sun and oil. Designed to be easily cleaned and stand up to the heaviest wear and tear.

The FridgeWrap costs $50 and the DoorWrap costs $62.99.


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