Check Out How The Last Blockbuster Works In 2018


Back in the day, Blockbuster ran like a well-oiled machine. Stores were sent their games and movies from corporate, and all the managers had to do was put them on the shelves and people come in hordes to get their new weekend movie. But this is not the case with the last remaining Blockbuster in Oregon, as there’s no longer a corporate office to analyze and buy what films consumers want. Instead, the store’s manager keeps track of local interests and purchases new stuff online, and shops for classics at her local Best Buy.

If you want to know what Blockbuster does in 2018, this video has everything you need to know. It’s enough to make me want to take a trip to my local Family Video, even though it’40-minute drive to get there. Going to Blockbuster was a lifestyle, it wasn’t just about getting a movie. It was about the adventure into the unknown and hunt for something really unique, talk to people and get some suggestions from real-life people, I am talking about the time before IMDB and all the social sites spoiling it all. I can go on for hours but for now, check out the video below.


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