Check Out Jaws Amity Island Kit, Jurassic Park Visitors Kit For the Best Beach Trip Ever

Jaws Amity Island Kit

If you’re planning on visit shark-infested beaches this summer or taking a trip to see dinosaurs at the world famous Jurassic Park, we’ve got just the visitor necessary packs for you! The Amity Island kit has everything you need to look like a 1975 local beach dweller.


This kit can be ordered on for $61.99 with free shipping for the biggest Jaws fans, and includes the following:

• Introduction Letter
• Beach Towel (170 x 40 cm)
• Numbered Ferry Ticket
• Amity Island Brochure Map
• Amity Gazette
• Anti Stress Shark
• Wooden Quint’s Keyring
• Vote Larry For Mayor’ Tin Button
• Amity Surf Shop Tin Button
• Amity Police Warning Tape
• Coupon Sheet
• Amity Island Postcard
• Amity Beach Arcade Flyer
• 2 Stickers

You can also check out the kit for the ultimate Jurassic Park fan. The kit has the following inclusions: “This Visitor Center kit includes box art from John Bell (art director on Jurassic Park), a metal stamped license plate, individually numbered entrance ticket, “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” banner, a Jurassic Park brochure map, 18 trading cards, night vision goggles safety instructions, Jurassic Park logo pin, Mr. DNA pin, VIP visitor pass with lanyard, Isla Nublar postcard, T-Rex Kingdom postcard, and three stickers.”

You can pre-order one from here for $57.99, but you have to move fast, only 1,993 kits will be made and sold.

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