Check Out Johnny Depp in CITY OF LIES About the Murder Investigation of Notorious B.I.G.


Sabran Film has unveiled the first trailer for Johnny Depp’s new movie City of Lies. The movie is based on the book LAbyrinth by Randall Sullivan, and the exciting crime-thriller follows the investigation of the murder of the famous rap artist The Notorious B.I.G.

Johnny Depp stars as LAPD detective Russell Poole in the story, “who spent nearly 20 years trying to solve the murder and Forest Whitaker as Jack Jackson, a journalist who teams up with Poole in search of the elusive truth. Together they explore why the case remains cold — and why a secret division of the LAPD is seemingly set on keeping it that way.”

City of Lies will be released in theaters on March 19th and On Digital and On Demand on April 9th.

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