Check Out LG’s Monstrous 8K 88 Inch TV At CES


Even 4K TV are not that common now, People are quite happy with their 1080 res televisions, LG is already introduced 8K at CES 2018. Not just that they also revealed a 88-inch television as well, It is all good and impressive but what I will play on it? There are not many 4K movies out there and certainly there are no 8K movies what so ever nor any gaming console gives 8K resolution they are still struggling with 4K and the framerates, no TV station will broadcast in 8K anytime soon they didn’t even catch up with 4k yet, I can’t stream anything 8K unless I live in Cape Canaveral! So what the hell this TV is for? Just to show off how much money I have or just a self-satisfaction? Well, I don’t know, You check out the video below and tell me if you are interested in this super expensive super resolution 8K TV.

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