Check Out Morgan Freeman Sing as Vincent The Vegetable Vampire

Vincent The Vegetable Vampire

Before the hit and famous Morgan Freeman, he was a performer on the American educational children’s TV series The Electric Company. He performed on the show between 1970 and 1975, and one of the various characters that he played one was Vincent the Vegetable Vampire, a singing being of the night who needed vegetables instead of human blood. Cool!

By moonlight I stalk the celery and turn the turnips to pulp. Whatever I may catch, it’s squeezed for juice, and natch, I drink it all down in one gulp. I’m Vincent the Vegetable Vampire. In the nighttime, the tomatoes start to scream. Vincent the Vegetable Vampire. I’ll be sleeping in the garden of your dreams.

We always think people get famous overnight because we start recognizing them after they get hit, but behind that success, it’s years of hard work and sometimes embarrassing performances like before the Iron Man’s director Jon Favreau becomes hit at the box office he was an extra in Seinfeld.

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