Check Out The Amazing Banana Art Made by Bruising the Skin

Banana Art

Anna Chojnicka decided in the lock down to attempt a daily art challenge to pass the time.

To make things interesting, Anna chose bananas as her medium of creativity, poking holes and bruising the skin. She used no ink in any of the illustrations below!

Anna said:

“I just bruise the peel by pressing into it with a blunt point and the marking goes gradually darker over a couple of hours (so can create graduation of shades based on timing – by doing that darkest parts first).”

Anna eats every banana she doodles on, so there is no waste. She also launched a fundraiser for her daily banana art to make some money for FareShare, who are trying to “fight hunger and tackle food waste in the UK”.

To see more amazing art, follow Anna on Twitter and Instagram.

Banana Art Banana Art Banana Art Banana Art Banana Art


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