Check Out The Fun Animated Horror Short Film SPRITE FRIGHT


Blender Studio has released a new short film by Matthew Luhn (Toy Story, Ratatouille) called Sprite Fright. Don’t think it’s animation so it will be cute, this is not suitable for young or easily scared children.

It is about a group of campers working on a class project together, though only one member of the group is doing any work, Ellie. When they arrive at the campsite she is horrified when the members of her team make a mess of the campsite.

During this scene she comes across an entire civilization of little mushroom creatures called sprites, they remind me a lot of Smurfs. Watch to see what happens when Ellie’s classmate’s plot is to capture one of the sprites to sell and get rich. It’s an amazing film actually, it looks really nice and the music and voice acting is on the spot, check it out below:

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