Check Out The Latest iPhone 8 Leak Revealing Big Apple’s Surprise

iPhone 8

It has been previously thought that the iPhone 8 would be physically restricted to a monochrome palette, with options for matt white, matt black, and gloss black. The gold and rose gold options that you see on the current iPhone 7 family would not be present in the presumptively named iPhone 8. It now appears that there will be a gold color option called Blush Gold.

Revealed by Benjamin Geskin, this tone is much darker when compared to the existing gold and rose gold tints. The darker tone may be a result of the move to a glass construction and the use of new materials, but it’s more likely there to mask the intrusive ‘island’ protruding the top of the new OLED screen.

How the island cut-out will work in practice remains to be seen. Reducing the size of the bezels will lead to much larger and impressive screen, but the physical size of forwarding facing cameras and sensors means that something has to give. The simplest solution is for the island to become part of a solid black bar that includes battery, signal, and connectivity status. This retains the user interface from iOS that is seen in other handsets and offers continuity between iOS 11 powered devices.

But getting the look of this island right is crucial, especially when Apple is perceived to be the masters of design. Presumably, the gold or pink (okay, rose gold) colors would draw more attention to the solution that will be used, hence a move to a shade of gold that works with the Henry Ford option is preferred.

And lurking inside the island could be Apple’s biggest gamble, the camera, light, and sensors that will be used by Facial ID as Tim Cook gambles on ditching the physical Touch ID button at the base of the screen, all in the name of reducing the bezels on the handset.

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