Check Out The Mystical Wistman’s Wood By Neil Burnell

Mystical Wistman’s Wood

Meet “The Wizard of Wistman’s”, award-winning photographer Neil Burnell who got the global recognition with his eerily wonderful images of Dartmoor’s Wistman’s Wood in 2019.

In 2020 Neil is releasing a new segment of his work from Wistman’s Wood—12 earlier unpublished images, many large scale panoramics—available as limited edition prints through Taylor-Jones & Son Gallery.

Wistman’s Wood is a very remote, high-altitude forest in Dartmoor, Devon, England. The glorious landscape looks straight out of a fantasy novel with dwarf oak trees, moss-covered boulders, and lichens galore. For more stunning photography from Burnell check out his work at the  Behance.

Mystical Wistman’s Wood Mystical Wistman’s Wood Mystical Wistman’s Wood

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