Check Out The Original iPod Prototype

Original iPod Prototype

iPod turned 20 years old last month and to celebrate the achievement, the Panic Blog published these photos of a prototype of the original iPod, which was released on October 23rd, 2001.

As you can imagine, photos become viral very quickly the “father of the iPod” himself, Tony Fadell, said: “This is a P68/Dulcimer iPod prototype we (very quickly) made before the true form factor design was ready. Didn’t want it to look like an iPod for confidentiality – the buttons placement, the size – it was mostly air inside – and the wheel worked (poorly)”

For additional shots, check out the Panic Blog! You can also head to Wikipedia for an incredibly detailed history of the iPod which is worth a read if you love iPods.

Original iPod Prototype Original iPod Prototype

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