Check Out The Trailer of a New Documentary About Smartphones and Screen Addiction


This addiction is being faced by almost everyone, especially kids. Everyone is glued to screens all the time and this pandemic is making the case even serious, Now with self-isolation, most of us are relying on our smartphones more than ever, from games to social media and social contact, Now today we have a trailer for a documentary titled Screened Out and it centers on how scarily addictive smartphones actually are. This is the synopsis that was shared:

Screened Out is a provocative look at screen and smartphone addiction and how the tech industry hooked global consumers, and continues to groom future generations of screen addicts. In this timely documentary, filmmaker Jon Hyatt explores all the ways in which we are addicted to our screens, how the tech industry hooked global consumers, and its greater impact on our lives. From smartphones, portable tablets and social media, the tech industry has designed these fun immersive technologies, but are they good for us? Are we too dependent on our devices? What keeps us hooked? How is it impacting our children?

Dark Star will release Screened Out direct-to-VOD on May 26th.


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