Check Out the US Court Sentences for 10 Disney Villains

Disney Villains

Did you know that Jafar would be sentenced to roughly 164 years and 6 months for his crimes with the fines of $31,000? If he was a US citizen.

Decluttr has taken ten of the villains from Disney movies and found what their penalties would be for their crimes, assuming they were taken to a US court.

However, he’s only the second largest sentence on the list, so who’s worse? Check out more sentences below.

Lady Tremaine – Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment, Criminal Damage

Cruella De Vil – Theft, Reckless Driving, Cruelty to Animals


Prince John – Assault, Treason, Abuse of Power

The Evil Queen – Attempted Murder, Abuse of Power, False Imprisonment


Gaston – Breaking and Entering, Bribery, Incitement to Riot

Ursula – Attempted Murder, Murder, False Imprisonment, Treason

Scar – Murder, Child Endangerment, Assault

Hades – Murder, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping

Jafar – Treason, Theft, Attempted Murder

Captain Hook – Piracy, Attempted Murder, Murder, Kidnapping

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