Check Out This Extremely Detailed Pirate Ship by Artist Jason Stieva

Extremely Detailed Pirate Ship

Jason Stieva is known for his gothic-style tattoo designs. But he is also known as, an assemblage artist. Just like his gothic-style tattoos, his assemblage art also reveals some outlandish bone motives made from ordinary materials. He has been an assemblage artist for 20 years. His Shallow Grave Studios, which he has been working on for a while now, includes his most famous artworks so far. The studio features sculptures with intricate designs using grey caustic bones. However, these are not actual bones but instead ordinary materials that are made to look like real bones. Out of all his spectacular artworks in the Shallow Grave Studios, one special assemblage piece definitely stands out. Stieva’s pirate ship represents an uncanny ark that evokes a sense of dread.

The gothic artist built the ghostly pirate ship by placing together everyday materials and mechanisms. Figures of human skeletons adorn the bow of the ship with savage characters as the passengers. Bizarre, unearthly beasts fill the ship’s main deck, forecastle deck mast, rear deck, and even the crow’s nest. The ship itself features complex details, making it seem to come straight out of a horror film. It took the artist 15 months to finish the ghostly pirate ship. And the finished artwork stood 8 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide.

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