Check Out This Insane Transformers Arcade Machine

Transformers Arcade Machine

Look at the damn thing. Didn’t Ripley wrestle the alien out of the airlock in that at the end of Aliens? Who’d have thought that Sega’s Transformers: Human Alliance would get such a badass makeover?

This ‘spinning vortex of death’ (Kotaku) is exclusive to Japanese arcades, and houses said fairly half-assed lightgun shooter from a couple years back. The game itself is relatively unchanged, but its new shell makes it at least 7000 times more appealing to play. After all, who cares what the game is when you’re cruising about in this bad boy?

Gyroscopic arcade cabinets like this are known as Sega R360s, and they are all made or pure awesomeness.

This beastly machine calls The Tokyo Joypolis home, and you can check it out in action over at Arcade Heroes.

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