Check Out This Lifesize TERMINATOR Endoskeleton For Yourself

TERMINATOR Endoskeleton

Check out this insane 6’ 5” chrome plated T-800 endoskeleton statue with glowing LED eyes and a detachable brain chip? Too much? Chronicle Collectibles has joined forces up with Cinemaquette to build this cyborg modeled to look like the ones in Terminator: Genisys. 

And here’s a description of the Terminator statue from the press release from Chronicle Collectibles:

This version of the infamous Endoskeleton represents an advancement and precision of design, presenting a sleeker, more agile and terrifying hunter. Utilizing both the original movie molds and the digital files used to create the film version, no detail was left out from this faithful recreation. Each piece is custom chrome plated and features piercing red LED eyes and a removable brain chip. In addition to these classic features, both the forearms and fingers offer limited poseability allowing fans to tweak it to their desire.

This is a lovely hardcore piece of memorabilia! there are only 100 being made and you have to be a rich diehard fan to get one because they’ll cost you $10,000! They do offer a payment plan to obtain your T-800, but only after your non-refundable $2,000 down payment.

terminator statue 3.jpg
terminator statue 4.jpg
terminator statue 5.jpg

Via: Slashfilm

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