Check Out This Powerful Photo After the Devastating Tornado in Kentucky

Devastating Tornado in Kentucky

Shawn Triplett took this moving photo which captured the destruction of the deadly tornado which passed through his hometown of Mayfield, Kentucky. The picture was one in a series of 8 pictures Triplett shared on reddit.

Triplett launched a GoFundMe in an attempt to raise money for local kids that lost everything in the destruction:

Hey everyone. My name is Shawn Triplett. I live in Mayfield, Kentucky that was recently hit with a tornado. I chose to raise money for kids that lost everything in the damage. There’s a lot of kids living in shelter, in temporary govt housing, or staying with friends and families. What we’re doing is raising funds. I’m going to Walmart daily to buy truck loads of toys. Walmart has also agreed to provide a 25% discount on all purchases for us. We’re then going to gift wrap the toys, I’ll dress up as Santa, and we’ll hand the toys out to kids most in need. So far we’ve raised $10,000 independently but with the help of this go fund me we’ll raise even more. I’d like to point out that 100% of all funds raised will be used in the purchase of toys. There is no overhead costs and all extra costs will be funded by me personally. [source]

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