Check Out Stop-Motion Animation Which Took Over 30 Years To Complete

Stop-Motion Animation

Phil Tippett has spent quite a long time in the film industry, working as a model-maker, visual effects supervisor, dire, tor and stop-motion animator. He’s been involved with productions such as Star WarsJurassic Park, and RoboCop among others. But he loves to do handmade stop-motion animations.

For over 30 years, Tippett has been working on a detailed film called “Mad God”. He describes it as being set “in a Milton-esque world of monsters, mad scientists and war pigs.” Amazingly, each character is painstakingly constructed by hand from foam, clay, latex and wire. Despite all the arduous toil, Tippett sees “Mad God” as a form of therapy and a way to reconnect with a time when special effects and animation were all done by hand. Check out the animation below.

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