Check Out This ZELDA Hydration NES Cartridge

ZELDA Hydration NES Cartridge

I loved Zelda’s signature gold cartridge and now that cartridge is being released a “Hydration Cartridge” that comes complete with a straw to drink whatever energy beverage your heart desires.

Link has, quite literally, always been transparent about what he is drinking. Those bottles are clear – we don’t doubt that when he is saying he’s drinking a red potion that it is exactly what he is drinking. Sometimes we need a little nip for relaxation at the end of a long week of mowing grass for rupees, and we don’t want to be quite as transparent about what’s in ours.

The Zelda Hydration Cartridge w/ Straw features the original NES classic gold cartridge repurposed for all your drinky needs. Take a swig of your favorite drink, or, if you feel so inclined, use the included straw. Please drink potions responsibly.

The Zelda Hydration Cartridge w/Straw is currently available to purchase at ThinkGeek for $19.99.

ZELDA Hydration NES Cartridge

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