Chernobylite Video Game Review


The description awarded to the infamous nuclear disaster of 1986 gave rise to the gaming series going by “Chernobylite.” HBO, a popular television channel, took a step further and developed a mini television series on the subject. However, nothing gives it a more winning, realistic, and comprehensively detailed plot, like the Chernobylite. 

The video game highlights simple details such as the environment, mutations that occurred, and potential ways of overcoming the challenge and claiming the reward. It is similar to conditions set to claim a bonus in a casino with the latest casino no deposit bonus codes. However, with Chernobylite, the reward is finding the player’s wife and understanding what happened that resulted in the nuclear meltdown!

Here are things to be explained in the review of the Chernobylite:

  • Chernobylite Introduction
  • Chernobylite: the Exclusion Zone
  • Chernobylite Combat Mechanics
  • Chernobylite Team Development and Care

Chernobylite Introduction

The game follows a simple storyline. The leading character is a scientist involved in creating the nuclear reactor that blew up and resulted in the catastrophe. Igor Khymynyuk is not satisfied with the results and the outcomes of his work. At the same time, the ghost of his dead wife continues to plague him. He has no information on her whereabouts or what happened to her during or after the meltdown. Therefore, he travels back into the “Exclusion Zone” 30 years later to find answers, possibly find his family and finally, understand what mistakes were made in the process. However, he doesn’t expect that the area has drawn so many interests and currently is under mercenaries who are also conducting their studies. Igor has to get a team to help with his missions.

The video game provides a realistic environment. The main highlights include the explicit and abandoned home compounds, foggy weather that adds to the eerie feeling of the video game, and natural reclaims, where the vegetation has taken over living in spaces. But, the most accurate feature is the recreation of the video game Chernobyl. Rumors indicate that the environment wasn’t just an imagination. Still, developers traveled across the world collecting photos and taking 3D scans and videos of the real Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for the game! The results of the detailed research is a more “authentic game environment.”


Chernobylite: the Exclusion Zone

The main goal and target for the game remain to find the scientist’s wife. However, many factors come into play during this specific mission. For instance, Igor requires a means to sustain his life throughout the game. He needs a team to face the mercenaries who have taken over the zone and a place to stay. The game provides a comprehensive decision-based survival mechanism with additional people management skills to keep the integrated team together. When playing, you may come across objectives of mission targets like “Sneak into this area to acquire NAR Weapons, or Supply drops containing Medicine and food for the team.” Igor retains the decision on developing a strategic plan, and you can go guns blazing, become stealthy and sneak into varying locations without causing harm to anyone and acquire your supplies or weapons.


Chernobylite Combat Mechanics

The game is a part of Survival Game, First Shooter, and stealth and horror-based as well. However, combat mechanics are minimal, and AI is not worth the effort. It makes it easy to pass or shoot to get across stealthily, but the game AI remains in position until Igor approaches. Unless you attack, the enemy has no move, and the game lacks the engaging mechanics present in other first shooter or strategic gaming consoles or games.  For instance, a gamer would need a way to hide bodies after a shootout to remain stealthy! However, the game does not provide for this minor feature. Plus, taking cover during a shootout is an everyday occurrence, a feature lacking in this game. You never know when the player is hiding, making the gameplay a little dull for many! But, the game controls remain quality, fine-tuned, and tight!


Chernobylite Team Development and Care

Developing the team and managing it forms the most exciting part of this specific video game. The team is part of the resources awarded to Igor while he is out on his missions. Other pieces include pieces collected while exploring the zone that Igor can fashion into any helpful tool or device. For instance, you can pull generators together to generate electricity for better lighting in your camp area. Ammunition may aid in defeating the enemy, while furniture can help improve your comfort and that of your teammates while in the zone.

The more appealing feature is the characters involved in the game. For instance, Oliver, the earliest and first-person Igor meets, loses his partner at the beginning of the game, leaving him bitter and desperate for revenge. However, he is still a good partner, always giving Igor suitable suggestions and quality advice when needed. Mikhail, another person that team meets, is a resident of the Exclusion Zone from the beginning, always has something “Outlandish” to tell. Olga is the only girl, and with life in the zone, she has become hardened and will fight against the NAR anytime. However, the most exciting individual in the video game is Tarkan. Not only is he Crazy, but he also believes to be in a war and fighting against “The Rat King.” He will have you laughing throughout the game!


Chernobylite Decision Change

Nothing in the game remains normal or retains the same elements. Every decision has some degree of change and can alter the outcomes desired.  Every decision can determine whether you get a win or loss. However, in the video game, the perceptions of the world or characters hold regarding Igor are prone to change. Therefore, every decision has a consequence!

The decisions, however, do not need to be permanent. If you come across a Chernobylite, a radioactive element in the game, you can go back and change the decision. You can observe your decisions and see the chain reaction that spills from them. That way, you can make changes whenever you get back into the game!

Chernobylite is a “Truly Unique,” one of the most “Charming Experiences” one can get when playing a video game.  Every aspect of the game comes together to create a fantastic game. The AI enemies are the only let-down, but I believe that their design matches the targeted gameplay. Therefore, the game is still amongst the most “Unique Games” on my playing list!

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