Chewbacca Inspired Slippers With His Roaring Sound

Chewbacca Inspired Slippers

Think Geek comes up with these roaring slippers of Chewbacca slippers, They comes packing with two different roars!

“What was Han without Chewbacca, his faithful co-pilot and companion? Without Chewie how would he have gained his bad-boy smuggler image? His swagger? Without Chewie would Han have wandered aimlessly, lost in the galaxy? Probably! It is really one of the all-time, best-known, worthy-of-hyphens, sci-fi partnerships.

“Warm your feet with these fuzzy Wookiee slippers, featuring the sound of Chewbacca (but not the smell). When you walk, these slippers alternate between two different Wookiee roars: RRRAARRWHHGWWR and WAAAAAAAAARGH. And for when you’re being a sneakiee Wookiee, there’s an on/off switch so you can silence them.”

If you want a pair, they’ll cost you $29.99 and you can buy them here.

Chewbacca Inspired Slippers

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