Chinese Weather Woman Who Just Doesn’t Age!

Chinese Weather Woman Who Just Doesn't Age!

Meet Yang Dan, a 44-year-old weather woman from China’s state broadcaster CCTV, who apparently just doesn’t age!

A video of Ms. Yang has recently gone viral on Chinese social media, showing her at work over her 22-year as a weather presenter. Incredibly, she looks exactly the same as when she began her job back in 1996 when the Spice Girls was the hit music and we all were playing snake, on our Nokia phones and watching Baywatch on a boxy CRT television.

Now she is known as the ‘ageless goddess,’ the award-winning weather presenter has left people wondering what is the reason behind her youth! Did she found the fountain of youth? Check out her pics below.

More info: Chinese Government Website

Watch the video below of her going through the years:

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