Choosing the Right Sydney TV Antenna for Your Digital Television Viewing


Did you know, Australians watch roughly 74 hours and 58 minutes of broadcast TV a month? That’s a lot of television!

So, what does this stat tell us?

We all want to watch our favorite box set or the latest Netflix and Amazon dramas on our digital TVs.

But, no one can do that without a decent TV reception and a good TV antenna. So, let’s explore this in a little more detail…

The Australian Digital Revolution

Australian TV waved goodbye to analog TV forever in 2013, when the entire country made a historic switch from analog to digital TV.

Put simply, it’s the most significant change to TV that Australians have seen since color TV was introduced more than 40 years ago.

As a result, we have more channel choices; our screens have better color and better sound.

However, none of this is any good if you don’t have a good TV antenna on your roof. Since the digital conversion, most homes in Sydney have got better reception.

Why You May Still Have Poor Reception

If you’ve had the same TV antenna for a long time, you may not be getting the best TV reception for your home.

If your TV is showing a “no signal” message, you may also have issues because your antenna is too close to your roof, it has missing elements, or you have multiple antennas pointing in different directions.

If you’re unsure if you’re getting the best reception in your district, you can always check on the mySwitch website. You can put in your address, and it will give you information about the reception and also the type of antenna you need.

If, after checking that there are no broader signal issues in your district, it may be time to get a new digital TV antenna for your Sydney home.

A new TV antenna means that you will be able to get all the free digital TV programs from Freeview, the free 25+ digital TV channels in Australia. All these channels are available to anyone who has a good digital TV antenna for their home.

Still Got Problems?

If you already have a digital antenna but are still having issues, it could be that you need to find a reputable antenna installer to check your wiring.

You may need to have your wiring updated to something that is higher quality. It could also be that your old digital antenna isn’t able to receive all the new signals from the TV transmitter sites.

If that’s the case, then again, you’ll need to replace your antenna with a more up-to-date model.

The TV transmitter sites are found in Artarmon, Gore Hill, and Willoughby. There are also retransmission sites at Razorback Range for Southwest Sydney and Kurrajong for Northwest Sydney.

Installing Your New TV Antenna

Some people try to do this themselves. However, we recommend that you get a professional installation company to do this for you because Sydney is particularly prone to people experiencing signal issues with their TV.

Mostly, this is because, not only is Sydney a big place, with a land area of 12,368 km² it’s also really hilly, has rivers, coastal areas, and mountains.

Also, in some neighborhoods, high buildings block the line of sight to the nearest transmitter. None of this is great news for watching your favorite TV shows.

For more information on installing a new TV antenna, you can read more here.

Knowing Which Questions to Ask

If you have the time and inclination to do some background research before making a decision to have a new antenna installed, then there are a few things you can consider when doing so.

Broadly speaking, a digital antenna system must have the following components: an outdoor antenna, a fly-lead between the TV and wall-plate, and a coaxial cable.

Talk to your TV antenna installer about the above, and asking any potential installation company the following initial questions, should ensure you have everything you need to have good coverage:

  • What specific signal and reception problems are experienced in my area, and why?
  • What signal strength is needed in my area?
  • Do I need to buy a signal booster (also known as a distribution amplifier) as well?
  • Do I need a masthead as well as a TV antenna?
  • Is the antenna designed to fit the right frequencies for my area?

Any decent digital TV installer will also go over the details of your particular antenna will not try to blindside you with too much technical language about the type of antenna they’re selling you.

Ideally, you won’t need a booster if your TV receiver gets a healthy enough signal level. Your antenna should also minimize any unwanted signals and is sturdy and robust enough to withstand severe weather conditions or big birds.

Most Australian antennas are made or designed to suit the needs of most Australian households, but ones that are sometimes cheaper or built-in other countries may not do so. Ask your installer where their products come from.

It’s also worth asking your installer which way TV signals are transmitted in your area, vertically or horizontally. This is because your antenna needs to be installed to match this. So, if the signal is horizontal, then your antenna needs to be too.

Choose the Right People

If you want to chill out in front of the TV knowing you won’t have any reception problems, contact a professional TV antenna installer.

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