Chris Evans and Ana de Armas’ Secret Agent Action GHOSTED Trailer Released

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas

Apple TV+ has revealed the first trailer for its upcoming action-packed romantic comedy Ghosted, which is already gaining attention for its star-studded cast and intriguing storyline. The film stars the charming and talented Chris Evans and Ana de Armas as the lead characters, Cole and Sadie, respectively.

Directed by Dexter Fletcher, known for his work on films like Eddie the Eagle and Rocketman, Ghosted promises to be a high-concept romantic action-adventure film that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The trailer provides a sneak peek into the lives of Cole and Sadie, who are both looking for that special someone. When they meet, there’s an instant connection, and it seems like things are going great between them.

However, things take a surprising turn when Cole discovers that Sadie is actually a secret agent. Before they can even decide on a second date, they have whisked away on an international mission to save the world. It’s a classic storyline that has been done before, but with the star power of Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, it’s sure to be a refreshing take on the genre.

The movie has been penned by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the same writers behind the hit movie Deadpool. The trailer indicates that Ghosted will be a thrilling adventure that mixes action and romance in equal measure. The chemistry between Evans and de Armas is palpable, and it’s clear that they had a great time working together on the set.

Evans has already spoken about the film, saying that Ghosted is a romance/adventure in the vein of Romancing the Stone. He also mentioned how much he enjoyed working with Ana de Armas, praising her versatility and fun personality on set. The rest of the cast includes Adrien Brody, Mike Moh, Amy Sedaris, Tim Blake Nelson, and Tate Donovan, all of whom are highly talented actors in their own right.

Apple TV+ has announced that Ghosted will be available to stream on its platform from April 21st, 2023, and the anticipation is already building. With its star-studded cast, exciting storyline, and experienced director, Ghosted promises to be an enjoyable and thrilling film that will keep audiences glued to their screens from start to finish.

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