Chris Hemsworth Tries and Fails To Show You How To Meditate in These Funny Videos

Chris Hemsworth

Check out these fun videos here shared by Chris Hemsworth that feature the actor trying to show us various ways on how to meditate. Sadly, he’s not very good at it as there are things around him that make it difficult, so he just gave up.

The title of the web series is Affirmations that positively, absolutely, probably, (Most Likely), won’t make your 2020 worse. By Chris Hemsworth.

When chaos just won’t leave you alone, the only real solution is to offer it a snack. At least according to Chris Hemsworth.

When the distractions just won’t stop coming no matter where you go, tell them to shove off. Gently, of course. They have feelings, too.

Find a nice quiet place to sit, preferably not next to murder hornets, and let Chris Hemsworth help you find clarity. Or something.

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