Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan

Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan

New information on Paramount’s upcoming Jack Ryan film, which will star Star Trek‘s Chris Pine, has emerged concerning both the plot and potential title of the new installment in the franchise based on the novels of writer Tom Clancy.

It seems that this new Jack Ryan adventure (which producer Mace Neufield describes as neither a reboot nor an origin story), will pick up with the man in his pre-CIA days, back when he was working on Wall Street as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch in Baltimore.

Events are set in motion, however, when Ryan leaves the U.S. and travels to Moscow to work for a mysterious billionaire employer who eventually frames Ryan as the mastermind behind a terrorist plot to ruin the U.S. economy.  Ryan must race against time to prove his innocence, prevent the evil scheme, and rescue his wife after she is kidnapped by said diabolical billionaire.

The film is tentatively titled Moscow – for, well, obvious reasons – and will be the first Jack Ryan flick not based directly off one of Tom Clancy’s novels.  The screenplay is being written by Adam Cozen (who is working from a previous draft by Hossein Amini) and will incorporate certain character details and plot elements from the original Jack Ryan books into what sounds like a slightly altered version of Dubai, a script written by Cozen of back in 2007, which also revolved around an American citizen out to stop a terrorist plan to devastate the U.S. economy.

Jack Ryan

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