Christmas Winning 1.5 Million Lights

Christmas Winning 1.5 Million Lights

This is beyond insane, The level of lights deployed in the project can be compete against the lights on the Santa’s home at North Pole.

In the small Croatian town of Čazma, a few thousand Christmas lights would make your house stand out from the rest. But retired engineer Zlatko Salaj wanted to make sure his family has the most Christmasy atmosphere ever, so he adorned his house and estate with an incredible number of lights — 1,500,000, he claims.

Around 1.5 million lights — the Salaj family does not know the exact number, though they’re sure this figure is very close — hardly fit on a single house. To accommodate his ever-expanding light show, Salaj and his family placed lights on basically everything they could — several houses, a barn, the trees, the bushes, a bridge crossing a creek, the meandering paths surrounding a small lake — everything.

The estate spans across 19 acres — around 14 football fields — and though it’s not all covered in lights, it seems like the spectacle never ends. Sometimes uneven but always breathtaking, every new set of lights made us wonder how much effort, hard work and insane electricity bills had to go into the project.

Source: Mashable

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