Christoper Reeve’s SUPERMAN Costume is Going To Be Auctioned


Christopher Reeve‘s costume from the classic 1978 film Superman: The Movie will be going up for auction later today, November 19th, at 5pm Pacific Time and starting bid will be $50,000.

This particular tunic was worn by Reeve in the flight scenes. It features “two stitched holes on the sides, used to attach the flying harness. Four snaps at top are for attaching the cape.”

The costume will be auctioned by Nate D. Sanders Auctions, and interested bidders may participate in the auction online.

“The lanky 6’4” Reeve refused to wear a muscle suit under the costume and trained with bodybuilder and Star Wars actor Dave ‘Darth Vader’ Prowse for several months to prepare for his role. Academy Award-winning costume designer Yvonne Blake designed the Superman costume, which was constructed by Noel Howard for London-based Bermans and Nathans. The famous suit was made from a flexible formulated German-made fabric, which absorbed sweat stains.”

The label on the back of the blue tunic is typed “CHRISTOPHER REEVE / 12312 WITH MUSCLES / SUPERMAN.”

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